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We live in a world of abundance, yet many people around the world are in desperate need. Poverty, death, disease, and disasters wreak chaos in the lives of millions. Most of times little children are the ones who suffer the most from these problems, and they are the ones most desperately in need of your help

Millions of children suffer from lack of food, health care, neglect and abuse. Among all children, the children of Africa and the street children of Central America suffer most. But you don't have to stand by hopelessly while children are going hungry. The majority of them are homeless, sleeping on sidewalks or by an abandoned or uncompleted building. To reduce their desperation and hunger, many have become inhalant addicts, sniffing industrial solvents that almost certainly cause brain damage. Young girls, twelve or thirteen old, become prostitutes in order to obtain food.

You can help provide food and supplies to children and their families swiftly and efficiently. From hurricanes to earthquakes and floods, you can be confident that your support to Caputo Children's Fund hard work will save lives and bring hope to people in great need.

Our programs focus on providing food, medical assistance, emergency relief, and creating sustainable development. 

Since 1992, we have provided food, clothing, medical assistance, and educational opportunities to the street children, homeless elderly people and needy families of Guatemala City. Thousands of young children are forced to work in the dangerous firework industry, risking their lives and health to make money for their impoverished families.

We also provide assistance to schools, and other charitable groups in these regions.  

A key goal is to help families in need move past needing help and into becoming self-sufficient members of their community. Through long-term, self-help development programs funded by grants and individual donors, thousands of children in countries around the world will increase their ability to be self-sufficient by learning and applying new, marketable skills.

Through your generous donations and gifts our children will get provision of education, good food, medical care, clothing and most of all a chance to know that the God Loves them and can give them hope for the future.

We understand that some people, although noble on heart, cannot afford to make a large charitable donation, however even a small amount can go a long way in funding our Nonprofit Charitable Organization. A person’s charity is not measured by the size of the donation, but rather by the genuineness of the intent.

Relatively few people are able to make large outright cash gifts, either to an individual or a charity. But as the saying goes, where there's a will there's a way. If someone even of modest means has a genuine desire to give, and chooses the right method of giving, he or she can make one or more truly significant gifts.

We are committed to using your gift to the fullest possible extent in helping those in need.

Salvatore Ferdinando Antonio CAPUTO



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